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Allergy Research Laboratories

Translational Research | Preclinical Development

The link between experimental fundamental research and clinical care.

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Translational research is the link between experimental fundamental research and the clinical care of our patients. Therefore, for many years, our work in this field has always been closely connected to our existing central focus on fundamental research and the development and execution of clinical studies.

Since beginning our work, parallel to our wide range of research activities related to mast cells and mast cell activation diseases, we have cared for patients with mast cell activation diseases and their corresponding differential diagnoses at our outpatient clinic. Direct patient contact has, on the one hand, enabled us to gather knowledge on new clinical and scientific questions and, on the other hand, enabled us to see how the scientific knowledge we and other working groups have gathered is reflected in the reality of our patients’ lives. Translational research is needed as a link between laboratory and patient to help us answer these questions.

Therefore, the field of translational research was structured to primarily carry out important projects based on fundamental scientific findings and then using trials, with both healthy and sick participants, to enable investigation and further development. Furthermore, we process the questions which arise from direct patient care and use standardized methods for the controlled and objective generation of new knowledge in the fields of pathogenesis, diagnostics, or treatment.


Prof. Dr. med. Martin Metz

Head of Translational Research, MD

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Martin Metz
Sarah Hahn

Assistant to Prof. Dr. Martin Metz, Project Coordinator

Portrait Sarah Hahn